About Enthralled Consultancy

In A Nutshell

Enthralled Consultancy works with your business to develop better digital sales and marketing through thinking about: how, why, where and to whom you need to sell your products or services. Delivering measurable improvements by driving effective digital strategies through your digital sales and marketing activity. The approach is holistic, covering the digital footprint that your business covers and through to development of robust and cost-effective digital marketing strategies which dovetail with the sales operation. We can also implement the required changes in marketing.

How We Work

By definition,Enthralled’s Consultancy adds value by working either as an interim or project based. By taking the time to understand your business by asking the right kind of  questions on subjects which you may not have the time to ask and analyse.

Enthralled helps to develop an action plan that identifies the gaps in your sales process and highlights what’s required in order to increase sales. By adding our marketing expertise, we develop a 360 approach to building awareness of your business, creating interaction with your customers, both existing and prospect, and ensuring you keep these hard-won customers.

The Team

Enthralled Consultancy is a team of robust, determined business and marketing professionals with years of hands-on sales management experience and marketing expertise. Enthralled use the right person for your business, to drive and deliver improved sales revenue for your clients. Head by Marcus Richard Thrall FIntsSMM who has for twenty years been at the forefront of sales pipeline developments and digital marketing thoughts for small and medium sized businesses. 


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