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Ways to make your readers love your emails.

Love is? Receiving your email.

Are your emails killing your customer relationships?

It has never been more important to interact with our customers pro-actively. Social media and the whole digital universe has meant more and more ways for your customers to be lost to competitors or simply lose faith in your brand. One of the main culprits has been number of poor emails that have been used as the main-contact strategy by companies.

Over the years, while I have been working as a marketing / business consult. I have seen first-hand these mistake and the damage their are doing to your brand. So, I thought I better try and point some of these mistake and importantly, ways to make email communications stand out and create readership within your audiences.  So let’s start and work our way down the email from the top. I won’t discuss subject lines in this post has I have already written about what makes a good subject line and the tactics, you will need to employ. 

So let’s get started. 

  • Space – Isn’t the final frontier!

How many time am I hit from the very opening of the email with too much information / images / anything but what is needed, SPACE. A lot of you will understand the white-space rule in advertising and design. But this isn’t always carried forward into the email arena. Give your recipients a chance to understand your; message, offer and proposition. Make it clean and crisp.

It isn’t about the number of words per paragraph or ho many images. Less is More!   

  • Give them a phone number!

The tendency is to always think that you medium you send a communication piece is the same as your customer will respond, and it simple isn’t true. I have been in digital marketing for over 15 years, and on my initial interactions with a business, I still want to speak to a real person. People feel reassured and evidence shows us, that they are more likely to interact with your brand if you provide clear and distinct contact details on the top of your emails.

So, you have supplied that all important phone number in my opinion. The key then is to ensure that inbound leads are dealt with efficiently and effectively.  I always recommend setting up KPI’s and SLA’s for this type of actively. Ideally, you want to measure the following; where did the lead generate?, what did the prospect / customer want, what was the outcome? NB: I like to study the negative outcomes just as much as the positive outcomes. Where did you lose the enquiry, what was the honest feedback from the customer / prospect to the call, email, dealings with your business etc. 

  • Copy is king! 

It seems that everywhere we turn right now, everyone is talking about content and how this is the most important element to a successful marketing campaign. The problem for smaller businesses is generating good and addictive content. The better ways is to ensure your copy within the email is personable and relevant. The copy should also be warm and friendly. It should invite the recipient into your world, easily. Example. We all seen how use email to sell their breaks and holidays, engaging images and great descriptions of the location, hotel. It makes you feel part of it, and drives interaction and longing.

Remember, write it from you! Bring your personality or your brand personality out in the email copy.

If you have a professional service to sell, then fun and livery copy isn’t probably the best tone, but it should still be warm, friendly and sound as if it came from a real person.

Tell a story on how your product or service will help solve your audiences problem / issue. Make it relevant too. If you known your customers then build in key information into that email. But not just add data field. It’s so inhuman…

It make your customer feel appreciated and wanted. That’s why we build up data on customers, not for some big-brother conspiracy but to use creatively and sincerely. As I said be creative and be human in how you write the copy. If you were selling hotel rooms to a customer who you knows visits a certain city regularly, then what not say say “it’s better than crashing on your mate’s sofa”.

Referrals and advocacy 

We should be all aware of the power and influence that your existing can have over prospects. Nothing is quite like a referral from a real person, who loves your brand. I always recommend building in a reference into your email copy. So, you should be writing your copy with the principles set out above. However, one of the most fundamental principles that isn’t always adhered to is; features and benefits, and how to use them correctly.

So, let’s quickly recap. Features don’t sell, Benefits do! And that is how you should be using recommendations, selling benefits. Build that referral into why your product / service will benefit your readers life.

  • Strong Call to Actions 

    This isn’t always about a well written call to action, in fact I would recommend a simply visual call to action button, like the example below.




    Hubspot, know how to maximise their emails to generate the most amount of click-throughs, respondents with clean, visual call to actions. Their practice simply feature and benefits, they tell me why I should engage with the email and what I can expect as a result.

    These few tips should act as the foundation for your email marketing, they will help with the structure, copy and content and that all important engagement. Good email marketing takes effort and understanding about your customers and why they use your products or services.


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How Social Media can help a small business grow a proactive

email database


In today’s opt-in world getting the right data especially email can seem overbearing, frustrating and at time costly.  So what is a small business to do? We know the answer isn’t simply to stop email lead generation. That’s why it is so important to utilise and link your other sales and marketing activity to grow that opt-in, robust and pro-active database.


So here is how you can use social media in a number of ways to ensure your are capturing those all-important email addresses.


  1. Link to a Call to Action:

Instead of simply adding a general web page, try a dedicated ‘Call to Action’ page.  This tactic will get far more interaction than a simple homepage landing.


You could even try a dedicated micro-page dedicated to say Twitter. Try a offer or at least a common thread from the social media post / blog that the link come from.


It will show relevance and your audience will feel more secure in sharing their details with this type of relevance.


Try using proper links instead of short link codes; they seem so impersonal and non-trustworthy in the first instance. I appreciate this isn’t always the case but if you have a work related blog then say using enthralledagency/wordpress makes people feel more associated with you and therefore easy with you.


  1. Freebies!


Cloud: flood and other such tools give you the chance to give away something for a tweet! Okay, this might not seem much but if you can offer advice or thought leadership, these are certainly great ways to gain trust and build that database of followers / addresses.


For example: enThralled offer a free audit on lead generation to companies. Yes it takes time on our part but it also builds relationships and trust in you and your business and in today’s economic landscape, it is two very powerful allies to have!


So by using these tools to share a link they get free content and you get that all important first stage relationship.


  1. Sound bites and other tweet able content

Generating quotes is a really useful way of getting retweeted. So what are the secrets and tools? Well, firstly use your newsletter page or news feed page for quotes and simply add a ‘click to tweet’ action button. One of the secrets here is to make the quote relevant and timely and not all about you, think sanity not vanity.


By building in these simple but useful tips you will be able to get opted-in addresses.




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E-newsletter for small businesses that can help your growth

1.The From Label – a place for you to let your audience know who you are

The from label is your way of saying hello to your audience (“Hi Jane, this is X”). You want it to be the most recognizable part of your business. Strong from labels are typically your company name, your most famous product or your first and last name, depending on what your company does and how it is structured. After you pick a from label make sure to keep it consistent, changing your from label after you have built trust within your group would be the fastest way to be ignored or worse have people unsubscribe.

2. The Subject Line

The reason your audience opens your email Subject lines are the equivalent of a newsletter headline, they need to be eye catching and build interest. But when you are coming up with your subject line never forget the basics:

Stick to 40-50 characters
Don’t repeat your from label
Don’t use all caps and avoid overusing punctuation

3. The Content 

Why people keep coming back for more
The content you include in each of your newsletters is what can help you build a strong relationship with your audience. It is best to try and connect with each person, personalizing your messages with fields like first name, last name or company name are great ways to start. Another way to make that connection is by sharing your knowledge or fun fact each month, making each tidbit relevant is the best way to go. great ways to start. Another way to make that connection is by sharing your knowledge or fun fact each month, making each tidbit relevant is the best way to go.

Ways to Assist for Scanning

Limit to 3-5 topics/articles

Include links to additional information or redirect to your blog or website

Bold headlines and key words Whitespace is a good thing

Add in columns for newsletters with multiple messages

4. Newsletters are not a place to sell sell sell.

Newsletters are a way for you to keep the lines of communication open so that when a customer is ready to purchase they think of you first. Now that is does not mean you cannot include any promotions or offers in your newsletters, customers have said they are okay with sales messages if they believe the overall message of the newsletter has value. Value, however, isn’t length. Remember this is an email newsletter and you should keep your messages to a reasonable length and always assist with scanning.

5. Easy E-newsletter Content Topics.

A Message from the Expert- A short paragraph from you to your audience or an introduction that drives recipients to your blog for a feature length article.

Customer Testimonial- A simple quote from a happy customer about how you helped them, a measurable result achieved, or link to a video testimonial that you host on YouTube.

An Offer – Do you have a white paper, discount, or promotion currently running to announce?

Event Schedule- Link to the event page on your website or directly to an industry event you plan to attend.

Quick Fact- What’s the post popular selling product last month? What do your customers view as the greatest challenge for them next year

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Integrated marketing strategy for leading restaurant group


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Email copy that sells your business

Writing Email Marketing Copy That Sells

Writing your email marketing copy that make your audience react accordingly to your campaign strategy is one of the most difficult element in any successful email marketing campaign.

It is even worse if you’re trying to sell a product or service and imagine trying to write compelling copy asking for a donation? You want to make sure you hit all their triggers and emotions, so below are ideas you can think about and put to work when writing copy that sells in your campaigns.

Benefits not features: I can’t stress how important it is for you to answer your recipient’s question, “So what” I would teach this principle to each sales person that I trained over the years. Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask What’s it going to do for me?” ”

Too many businesses I have worked for have spent too much time and energy getting caught up in focusing on themselves rather than their recipients. Recipients should always be the focus of the copy and it should be all about those benefits. Product X has this feature, which means your life will be easier to manage because ?

Use Subheads – Getting the attention of your readers using subheads is always a great idea. It breaks up your thoughts and gets to the heart of what you’re selling or telling the recipient. Add this principle of copywriting to writing in small chunks.

You need to get to your point fast in small succinct paragraphs and if they want more detailed information give them the option of links off.

Use Bullets – Bullets break up points or benefits so that your readers can get your information quickly and easily.

Testimonial evidence. This has been the the real skip-change in digital marketing recently and it will only grow and grow. For over 100 years, Direct Marketers have understood that nothing sells your product better than your customers. But get REAL people and evidence, don’t make up great testimonials, people can tell. In fact go one stage further, make REAL people part of the campaign treatment, use their stories as the copy and content. It will sell, I guarantee it!

Finally and I wish that all emails finished this way, “Ask For The Order’
The majority of my time is spent working with Small and medium sized businesses getting them to think about their Calls TO ACTIONS throughout all of their marketing communications. Buy Now” link or your “Call 1-800..” copy. IYou should definitely display your call-to-action above the fold so that your recipients don’t have to scroll down to find your offer links.

Don’t be afraid to get in your recipient’s face either, be BOLD and STRONG if that’s what you told them you’d be sending them, they expect it and probably want it. Use expiration dates and bold colors, and make sure to link from everywhere you can in your email to get your recipients to act now!

Enthralled Consultancy is a specialist Sales & Marketing consultancy that specialise in Lead Generation programmes and communications for small and medium sized businesses in the United Kingdom.

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