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Social Media site that small businesses have probably are not using and reasons why they should!

Social Media site that small businesses have probably are not using and reasons why they should! 

We have all heard about the main social media sites but that is only portion of the sites that can help you build your social media presence.

That is because some of the lesser-known sites are not promoted like, Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn attract  a wide range of users, that it’s easy businesses owners and  marketers alike to simply concentrate on these popular sites. Truth be told, there are hundreds of other, niche social networks on the web that, depending on your particular audience or your goals, can also be well worth you investing time and money in growing presence following there.

Niche social sites are a valuable tool for a business, especially if these sites are for spe

cifics; events, eco-issues etc. The great thing about niche social networks is that they take the step of targeting and segmentation out of the marketer’s job!And we all know how much more effective your marketing can be when segmentation is involved, right? Therefore, here are five niche social sites that enThralled love.

1) Quora – often a forgotten social network, but it’s also one of the most valuable. Quora provides answers to almost any question you can think of. From questions about marketing to questions about coding, Quora provides a great resource to both users looking for answers, and marketers seeking to position themselves as thought leaders.

How Can You Use This Site?

Ask questions about your industry to collect direct insights into what your audience is thinking.

Answer questions about your company, industry, or even competitors. This will help you position yourself and your company as a thought leader. (Note: Disclose what company you’re from for t

he sake of transparency — and credibility!)

When possible, provide links to resources such as blog articles that help to answer users’ questions.

Network and connect with other businesses owners / managers on the network to see what is or isn’t working for them.

2) Meetup – Attending and planning events is an important part of any business life. Meetup makes this responsibility easi

er for almost every industry. Whether you’re hosting or looking to attend an event then Meetup provides a centralised network with information on the events happening in your area. If you need or want to reach, a particular industry can immediately identify the right events and connect with attendees even before they attend.

Be st way to use Meetup!

Identify relevant industry events to attend.

Publicise your own events and attract more attendees by industry or geography.

3) Care2

The trend toward “going green” isn’t exactly breaking, but it has caused an uptick in many marketers making sure their marketing campaigns use environmentally friendly processes. The social network, Care2, popped up as people came together to discuss this eco-friendly type of lifestyle and educate others about it. And more and more, marketers need to use these practices in everything they do to cater to this growing audience. By participating in this social network, marketers can educate themselves about the ways they can implement eco-friendly tactics into their marketing strategies.

How to best use this site?

Research, research, research! Implementing green strategies into your marketing isn’t easy. Learn what others are doing.

Talk to people in this community, and see what they really care about. What topics matter most? Is your marketing aligned?

Does your company sell products/services that cater to eco-friendly users? Then you’re golden! Research what eco-friendly issues are prevalent among your audience to inform your content creation, marketing, and product decisions to the  audience.

By enThralled Agency – the leading Lead Generation Agency for Small Businesses.


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